UK WordPress Web Hosting

UK WordPress Web Hosting

UK WordPress Web Hosting

With every single website that we develop, we offer our website hosting service. Our servers are WordPress-optimised and based in the UK. Not only does this mean that mean that your website is hosted on a server specially optimised for the website that we create, but it also has SEO advantages as how long your website takes to load is a factor that Google takes into account when ranking websites.

Why choose our UK WordPress Web Hosting

Most clients choose our WordPress Web Hosting services because they would like us to manage their websites after we have built them and, having the hosting with us, enables us to have direct access to the website files to make any amendments. Our servers are based in the UK (in Nottingham), and offer autoscaling, DDoS protection and a CDN included in the fee.

This means that, no matter how much traffic your website gets, our cloud platform auto scales to meet the resource requirements. The DDoS protection is 1Tbps+ which means that your websites are safe in the event of a large DDoS attack that tries to get your website offline. A CDN also enables the website to load incredibly quick, no matter where you are in the world.

We can also host external WordPress websites that have not been developed by us. Prior to moving over to our servers, we will conduct a full examination and malware check of the website to ensure that the website we move across is completely free of any issues. This is conducted free of charge and is included in the monthly hosting fee.

Our Process

Fill in the contact form below with your UK WordPress web hosting requirements and we will provide you with our monthly fee for hosting your services. If you would prefer to give us a ring to discuss your requirements, please do here.

A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours and once the quote we have sent across has been accepted and the login details to your old hosting have been sent across, we will examine the code of your old website.

Once everything has been checked or if you had no WordPress web hosting before, we will then set everything up and migrate all of the data across to our hosting. This can be done in the evening if you would prefer to ensure that there is no downtime during the transfer period (there usually isn’t).
We will then send over the direct debit form and take the agreed monthly payment for the hosting services once the sites are live on our hosting.


UK WordPress Web Hosting
Samsung SSD’s

All of our websites are stored on SSD storage. This ensures that your websites are loaded extremely quick, with lower power usage which means it is more friendly to the environment and also it executes site requests faster.

SSL Certificate

All websites on our servers will have an SSL certificate by default. This means that a green ‘secure’ https:// appears at the start of your website address which enhances security and also creates customer confidence.

UK Web Hosting

Our servers are based in the UK which means that they load quicker than servers based in other countries. This in turn also means there is an SEO benefit as Google now takes website load times into account.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our CDN means that websites will load fast anywhere. Our global network will cache full pages close to where the user is based. We make use of the same internet exchange points used by AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection

This protects your websites from distributed denial of service attacks. Our protection enables bad traffic to be routed away from your site, while genuine users can carry on as per normal and view your content.


Our WordPress platform sits behind a highly configured NGINX edge cache system to ensure the quickest response times for your end users. Maximum speed is achieved by serving static content from our edge cache network.

Load Balancing

Our platform has been designed to remove any single point of failure. All of our web servers sit behind multiple load balancers that constantly monitor and re-distribute traffic where necessary.


We take daily backups of the website files and databases every single day and store them for 30 days. This means that if anything has been accidentally deleted or you need access to a certain file, we can just roll back using the backups.


With all of our plans we offer unlimited mailboxes (IMAP & POP3), email forwarders, autoresponders, webmail access as well as antivirus and antispam protection to ensure you only get the emails you want in your inbox.

What our UK WordPress Web Hosting clients say

Outstanding. Great communication, highly adaptive with understanding my requirements. Great service, thoroughly recommend. Will use again.
Studio9 are brilliant! Really fast and professional responses and definitely get the job done! Alex is very knowledgeable and we will be looking to work with him in the future on some exciting projects. Thank you Alex!
Studio9 designed the website for my new business. I was a bit naive about what needed to be included. They were brilliant and made suggestions where necessary and really made my ideas come to life. A brilliant job. I wouldn’t use anyone else.


Yes, it is. Our servers are located in Nottingham in a secure facility.

Yes, we always recommend that our clients purchase a domain that they have access to themselves. This ensures that you are not reliant on anyone else to renew your web address as that is the most important thing for a business and that only you have access to it. We can help you set the domain up to point to our servers, but we always want our clients to have it under their own account.

Yes, we only host WordPress websites on our platform. This is to ensure that every website that is on our servers is secure and our optimised WordPress servers can work flawlessly. Furthermore, it allows us in any eventuality to assist with any website bugs as we have a fully comprehensive understanding of WordPress websites, their file structure etc.

Once the hosting is set up on our servers, we send over a GoCardless link which allows us to take payment via Direct Debit every month. This means that it is hassle free and you do not have to keep manually opening your bank account each month and making payment.

We only offer monthly payment options at the moment.

No, you pay month to month and have no fixed contract or term with us.

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