S9 & Ecologi: Saving the earth one tree at a time

S9 is proud to announce our partnership with Ecologi, an organisation dedicated to saving the only home all life has – the planet earth. Our home is in crisis, it has been for a while, and as the only species capable of preventing its own annihilation it is our responsibility to fix it.

Deforestation is not the only thing causing global warming, but it is a major contributor, and by replacing trees we can not only restore the world’s lungs but also offset our carbon emissions.

To this end, S9 has pledged to plant 100 trees for every single website that we develop. The overall aim, in terms of tree replenishment, is for Ecologi to plant 1 billion trees – a goal that is not just obtainable, but one we hope to help exceed.

Why not help us to help them? By choosing S9 you are not ‘just’ receiving the very best in digital services such as stunning, affordable websites and content, but you are also helping to save the world. Be a superhero. Save the trees, save the world (if you have ever seen the first season of Heroes, you’re welcome).

As of writing this, we have 710 trees in our forest, via a mangrove planting project in Madagascar.

Why S9 partnered with Ecologi

Why exactly are we at S9 partnering with Ecologi in the first place, why are we so committed to reforestation?

Reforestation is the process of replanting forest areas that have either been damaged or outright destroyed by fires or the destructive force that is mankind. You may have heard of afforestation and have become confused as to how the two things differ. The two terms actually mean the same thing, they are just different ways of saying replanting forests.

Occasionally forests have the ability to regenerate themselves with no outside interference, but the damage has badly degraded the area this is not possible. This is where organisations like Ecologi come in and play an important role.

Aside from directly helping the local and global environment by planting trees, Ecologi also helps certain other projects. The Eden Projects are one aspect of this, these projects help to reduce extreme poverty while restoring healthy forests. They do this by employing the local villagers to plant millions of trees every single year. The pay the villagers receive helps them, the village and the local economy.

Trees remove harmful and excessive Co2 from the air, Co2 that we as humans put there. Global warming is a real threat and the forests don’t just need protecting – we have arrived at the point where they need to be replanted. S9 is extremely proud to be doing its part in this global effort. Will you help us?

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