Just Why Does S9 Love WordPress?

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Just what is it that makes us, and many more besides, keep going back to WordPress? After all, it isn’t as though there are no other options – there’s a whole boatload of content management systems out there to choose from… so why do we love WordPress?

The platform known as WordPress started life as something to make blogging easier – it was never intended to be the all-singing, all-dancing, functional and flexible behemoth that it is today. Behemoth? You bet. Today somewhere in the region of 61% of enterprise businesses use WordPress to manage their websites. That sounds impressive, and it is – that equates to roughly 33% of all websites and somewhere in the area of 20% of all active websites… 1 in 5 isn’t too shabby at all, we think you will agree.

Of course, a WordPress site needs somewhere to live – like the hosting services that we provide. From there you will, of course, need to build on the extremely limited template site that is available. Web design is something of an art form and WordPress makes it a little easier in several ways, one being that it is Open Source, and because it is Open Source it is also highly customisable.

One reason we love WordPress is customisation

With the combination of WordPress and the customisable framework that it is made up of, the possibilities for web designers like us is unlimited. For the content creators among you, its editing interface is easy to understand, navigate and get to grips with. The entire back-end is so easy to use it reduces the need to outsource your content creation needs (although, many site owners just don’t have the time to do everything themselves).

Because of the way the system works, the ability to have multiple users working on the website at one time is already baked in. fresh and regularly updated content keeps everyone happy: search engines, users, you. Everyone.

Other factors sit alongside customisation options too:


WordPress itself is very basic at its heart, and with the right development team, this means that a site built on a WordPress foundation can be a sleek, fast content serving machine. Taking that analogy a little further, WP works with the latest version of PHP which means your website will be packing a powerful engine under its bonnet.

Great for SEO

WordPress sites are designed to be search engine friendly right out of the box, but with the right design and maintenance service, this can be given the needed boost that content alone cannot provide. Plugins can help here too of course, and there is a lot of choice out there too and they are all user rated.

Websites configured correctly for SEO (search engine optimisation) are going to be much better for your traffic numbers, whatever that may be, and of course your sales.

These are just a few of the reasons that we love WordPress for website development, we could go on for much longer. But in the end, WordPress together with the right developer means that your website is easy to work with, fast, search engine friendly and most importantly it is going to be cost-effective.

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