How To: Install WordPress Onto Your Hosting

How To Install WordPress Onto Your Hosting

Disclaimer: Prior to completing our tutorials, we always recommend that you take a full backup of your website (both database and files) just incase that something goes wrong (every website is different).

In this S9 guide we will show you how to install WordPress onto your hosting manually. First things first is to download the WordPress installation files.

Once downloaded, head to the file manager on the hosting control panel for your website. Here, open the public_html folder and upload the .zip downloaded from WordPress. Once uploaded, extract the .zip.

As the .zip has been extracted, you can delete this to save storage on your hosting.

Once completed, head to the MySQL section on your hosting, you will need to create a database if one hasn’t already been created.

How To Install WordPress Onto Your Hosting
File Manager

Using cPanel

Usually the MySQL server is localhost for cPanel websites. To create a database, username and password, click MySQL Databases.

Create a new database in the top section of the page. Once completed, create a user. Make sure you save the database name, user and password as you will need this when completing the installation of WordPress.

You will then need to add the user to the database (section at the very bottom of the page). On this page, make sure that ‘All Privileges’ has been selected. It should look like the following:

Once this has all been completed, type in your website address (including https://) and you should be presented with the following.

WordPress Installation Page
MySQL Roles

Enter the database name create, the username and password. The host you can usually leave as localhost, however, some hosts may provide you with their server name. Click submit.

Click ‘Run the installation’. The final step is to enter the information such as your website title, username etc. Once these fields have been filled in, click ‘Install WordPress’ and your new WordPress installation has been completed.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members via email on and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We would love to hear your feedback also, whether positive or negative.

Thanks for taking a look at our guide on how to move a WordPress site.

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